5 Things Police Shows Get All Wrong

If you watch police shows like Law and Order, CSI, The Closer, Major Crimes, and other, similar dramas you might have gotten some skewed ideas about our criminal justice system. Shows like this perpetuate common tropes which don’t always bear much relationship to reality. And you can actively harm your own case if you believe…

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New York Becomes The 42nd State To Criminalize “Revenge Porn”

New York has joined forty-one other states in passing legislation that criminalizes what has come to be known as “revenge porn.” As advances in technology continue, the online world has become integrated into our everyday lives, which, in turn, has created an outlet for behavior that previously went unchecked. What has come to be known…

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Is There a New NY Blood Alcohol Limit on the Horizon?


A new bill recently introduced in the New York State Assembly would lower the legal blood alcohol limit from .08 to .05. It would also lower the rate for aggravated driving while intoxicated. This change is, in part, in response to National Transportation Safety Board recommendations. The NTSB recently urged all 50 states to lower…

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