What are the most common holiday crimes?

new year crime scene

While criminal activity is not restricted to the holidays, certain crimes appear to become more frequent once December rolls around. The period between Thanksgiving and New Year has long been recognized as a time when reported crimes go up, supposedly due to increased opportunity and financial desperation. To help keep you safe this holiday season,…

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You were arrested for what?

question marks

Did you know that in New York, if a police officer catches you flirting, you can be fined $25? If this antiquated law were enforced, then most of the city would be in danger. It’s been on the books for over 100 years and probably dates back to January 1902, when state Assemblyman Francis G. Landon…

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Live-streaming crimes

live stream

These days, social media documents practically everything we do, from birthday parties to vacations and weddings. Now it appears that people are using Facebook, Periscope, and other Internet platforms to live stream their crimes. In April of 2016, 18-year-old Marina Lonina and 29-year-old Raymond Gates, both residents of Ohio, were arrested after Gates raped Lonina’s…

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Protect yourself from false accusations of domestic violence

False accusation of crime

Being accused of domestic violence can change your life forever, even if you are never convicted. It is one of those highly-publicized offenses that inspires powerful—and negative—emotions, so a mere accusation is enough to do irreparable damage to your reputation and future. What inspires false accusations? There are several reasons why your spouse or partner…

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Are fireworks legal in New York?


As the Fourth of July draws ever closer, more New Yorkers are eagerly making plans for traditional holiday pastimes: getting together with family and friends, hosting lively backyard barbecues and, above all, lighting fireworks. One might argue that no celebration of the Fourth is complete without the latter. When it comes to private fireworks shows,…

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Assault on a police officer in New York

police assault

Assaulting a police officer is one of the more serious assault charges under New York State law. This particular crime arouses both public anger and high volumes of press coverage because the police are sworn to protect New York’s citizenry and violence against them is seen as a threat to public safety. If you are…

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Child Abuse in New York

child and parents

“Child abuse” is a term used to describe serious crimes committed against children. They include but are not limited to, sexual assault, physical injury and the threat of physical injury. Individuals that have committed acts of child neglect or abuse can be charged with one or more of the following crimes: Endangering the welfare of…

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Domestic Violence

New York State law defines domestic violence as: “A pattern of coercive tactics, which can include physical, psychological, sexual, economic and emotional abuse, perpetrated by one person against an adult intimate partner, with the goal of establishing and maintaining power and control over the victim.” In essence, a person is guilty of domestic violence in…

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