Your digital privacy is now before the Supreme Court

supreme court

At the end of November, the Supreme Court heard opening arguments in Carpenter v. United States, a landmark digital privacy case. At issue is whether or not the police require a warrant to track the location of a smartphone. The case involves Timothy Carpenter, who was accused of joining several friends in robbing Michigan and…

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When love turns dangerous—stalking charges in New York


Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, reminding us that we have a limited amount of time left to buy chocolates and flowers and make romantic dinner reservations. These are standard ways that we celebrate the day with our significant other. But what if that significant other doesn’t feel the same way about you?…

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I spy: Being charged with unlawful surveillance in New York

surveillance concept with man

In today’s digital era, many of us are under some form of surveillance as we go about our daily business: traffic cameras on the street and security cameras in retail establishments come to mind. Some forms of surveillance, however, are illegal. Unlawful surveillance takes place when someone installs a hidden camera in a place where…

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