Accomplice liability in New York State

Imagine this scenario: You and your best friend are at a trendy Manhattan bar when he sees his ex-girlfriend with someone new. A confrontation ends with your buddy punching out his replacement. The police arrive, and before long your friend is at 100 Center Street, awaiting arraignment for assault in the third degree. And so…

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The crime of murder is trending upwards

increase graph

More than 35 cities currently report an increase in murder and violence over the past year. New York is no exception, with an increase of 9 percent in murders and growing concerns about the growth of gang violence in particular. The reasons for the increases are being argued among experts, but some believe that more…

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Facing criminal charges? Get an attorney with trial experience

criminal defense trial lawyer

Imagine this unsettling scenario: You have been charged with a crime that could send you to prison for years if a jury returns a guilty verdict. With so much at stake, it makes sense to give yourself the best fighting chance. That means hiring a criminal defense attorney with trial experience. Most defendants mistakenly believe…

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What is resisting arrest in New York?

If you are arrested and accused of a crime, the process can be very frustrating and overwhelming. Your natural instincts may kick in and you may try to avoid being arrested. Any action on your part that makes the arresting officer believe that you are intentionally avoiding being arrested, even if not violently, could cause…

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