What to Do if You Are Accused of Bankruptcy Fraud in New York City

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Most people get all the way through bankruptcy without a hitch. But every now and then, something goes wrong. Maybe you tried filing on your own and you made a mistake. Maybe you forgot to tell your lawyer something important, or missed a financial document you really should have shared. Maybe you did something prior…

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New Legislation In New York: The Child Victims Act

On January 28, 2019, the New York State Assembly voted on groundbreaking legislation, entitled the NEW YORK CHILD VICTIMS ACT, which would change the landscape for many future civil and criminal charges stemming from sexual abuse now barred by the statute of limitations.  It is now up to the Governor to sign the Act into…

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Understanding New York’s Murder Statute

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As a former homicide prosecutor and legal analyst for the Law and Crime Network, I often get asked to explain New York’s Murder statute and how it differs from other states.   Keep in mind, that all states have their own definition of Murder. But New York’s version is fairly unique. First of all, it is…

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Arraignment in New York: What to Expect

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It might come as a surprise, but a defendant doesn’t go from arrest to criminal trial overnight. There are several intervening procedures that take place before a defendant appears in front of a jury. The first step in any criminal matter in New York is an arraignment. Arraignment in New York is the first appearance…

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What Is Considered a Hate Crime in New York?

At the end of 2018, the New York Police Department (NYPD) released certain statistics on crime in New York City. One of the disturbing numbers was a small, but noticeable, spike in the number of hate crimes reported last year. These numbers reflect a similar trend throughout the State of New York, with hate crime…

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