Protect yourself from false accusations of domestic violence

False accusation of crime

Being accused of domestic violence can change your life forever, even if you are never convicted. It is one of those highly-publicized offenses that inspires powerful—and negative—emotions, so a mere accusation is enough to do irreparable damage to your reputation and future. What inspires false accusations? There are several reasons why your spouse or partner…

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Assault on a police officer in New York

police assault

Assaulting a police officer is one of the more serious assault charges under New York State law. This particular crime arouses both public anger and high volumes of press coverage because the police are sworn to protect New York’s citizenry and violence against them is seen as a threat to public safety. If you are…

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Accomplice liability in New York State

Imagine this scenario: You and your best friend are at a trendy Manhattan bar when he sees his ex-girlfriend with someone new. A confrontation ends with your buddy punching out his replacement. The police arrive, and before long your friend is at 100 Center Street, awaiting arraignment for assault in the third degree. And so…

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Is the Sullivan Act under attack?

gun and weapons crimes

Eight plaintiffs in Buffalo have taken issue with the pistol permit law in New York and are filing a civil lawsuit. According to Edward Garrett and the other plaintiffs in the case, the gun control law stretching all the way back to 1911 is unconstitutional. Those who filed the suit believe that the pistol permit…

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