Brooklyn Federal Criminal Lawyer

Brooklyn Federal Criminal Lawyer

If you’re being accused of a federal crime, you may be in much bigger trouble than other Brooklyn residents who are grappling with the local criminal justice system.

This is because the federal government has significantly more resources than the NYPD. They tend to throw investigatory resources at a problem long before they ever make an arrest, and have reasonably air-tight cases before the process begins.  Federal prosecutors also have smaller caseloads and larger budgets, which means they are at an advantage from the very beginning. They’ve had far more time and resources to develop their case.

Federal judges also have smaller caseloads, which means they have a lot more time to devote to your case. This means you need your attorney to be extremely detail-oriented. Small issues can have big consequences in federal court because the judge has more time and energy to scrutinize them.

Many federal crimes also come with mandatory minimum sentences, which are typically longer and harsher than sentences imposed by the state.

In short, when you’re being accused of a federal crime, you can’t afford not to have the best representation you can find.  Federal public defenders can be overworked as state public defenders are, and may not have the time or resources that the US District Attorney’s office does.

No matter what you decide, you want an attorney who will fully investigate your charge and, when needed, hire investigators and experts that may assist in strengthening your case.  Most importantly, a strong Brooklyn federal defense attorney will provide the attention you need to defend your case- attention which could mean the difference between seeing your charges dropped and having to fight out your case in federal court. 98% of federal criminal defendants plead guilty.  Calling a good defense attorney can help you navigate those difficult odds and work towards making you the lucky 2%.

Julie Rendelman has 22 years of legal experience both as a defender and as a prosecutor to draw on.  She can help you defend your case, strike a deal, or take other actions which might help you retain your freedom.

These include cases brought by the Department of Justice, the SEC, the IRS, and more. She has extensive experience both with federal drug charges and with federal white collar crime charges.

What makes a case federal?

A case becomes a federal case when:

  • The alleged crime crossed state lines.
  • The crime was against or involved a federal officer.
  • The crime was committed on federal land.
  • The crime is a “federal offense,” such as mail fraud, kidnapping, credit card fraud, or child pornography.

Keep in mind that it’s possible to be charged both in federal court and in state court. You’ll need an attorney who is comfortable fighting for your rights in both venues.  The concept of “double jeopardy” can’t protect you because the federal case and the state case are essentially two different cases. It’s rare to face charges in both courts, but it’s not unheard of.

Not guilty? We can help.

Federal law enforcement may have a lot of resources to work with, but that doesn’t mean they don’t ever make mistakes.  Witnesses can lie, the evidence is sometimes misleading, and sometimes good people get caught up in the bad acts of their bosses and spouses without indulging in any wrongdoing themselves.

If you’re in trouble, the Law Offices of Julie Rendelman can help.  Call for a free consultation.