What are the most common holiday crimes?

What are the most common holiday crimes?

While criminal activity is not restricted to the holidays, certain crimes appear to become more frequent once December rolls around. The period between Thanksgiving and New Year has long been recognized as a time when reported crimes go up, supposedly due to increased opportunity and financial desperation. To help keep you safe this holiday season, we have identified four crimes that tend to spike at this time.


This category covers all crimes related to stealing: shoplifting, picking pockets, and removing valuables from parked cars. Crowded streets, shopping malls, and parking lots all present criminals with more opportunities to exploit. Home burglaries are also more common during this time, with criminals looking for expensive gifts to steal.

To protect your belongings and purchases, take extra measures to secure them. Keep your wallet, purse, and shopping bags within sight at all times and refrain from storing valuables inside your car, at least not where they can be seen. Try to park in a brightly lit area whenever possible.

Drinking and Driving

Thanks to office parties and family gatherings, alcohol flows more freely during December than at any other time, with the possible exception of Memorial Day and the 4th of July. People get behind the wheel after a night of partying or the morning after (while still under the influence), with the predictable result being a serious accident.

The message is obvious: don’t drink and drive. If you know you are going to be drinking at a particular function, have a designated driver or take a taxi home.

Sexual Assault

Unfortunately, sexual assaults also increase over the holidays. With so many celebrations going on, people sometimes drink to the point where they leave themselves vulnerable to assault or become more aggressive than they are ordinarily. As an added risk, the crime of spiking drinks with psychoactive drugs is more widespread at this time of year. Stay safe by limiting your alcohol intake, sticking with friends at all times, and never leaving your drink unattended.

Domestic Violence

Although the holidays are meant to be a time of relaxation and celebration, they can create financial worry and stress that culminate in domestic violence. Anyone caught in an abusive relationship should never remain silent merely to preserve the image of holiday harmony. Contact friends, family, or the police for help in seeking safety.

The holidays are a time to be enjoyed with friends and family, so take extra precautions and stay safe. By the same token, if you are wrongly accused of any of these crimes, then contact The Law Offices of Julie Rendelman, LLC. Ms. Rendelman is an experienced New York criminal defense attorney who will protect your rights and prevent your future from being affected by a mistake. Call 212-951-1232 for a free consultation or visit www.RendelmanLaw.com to learn more.